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Do you offer a demo version of Liquid Notes?

Last Updated: Oct 13, 2017 05:44PM CEST
This article talks about the availability of a demo version of Liquid Notes.

Quick Answer: There is only one version of Liquid Notes. It automatically grants you a 20 day trial period, without the need for a separate demo version.

[Update, 13 Oct 2017: A new license management system is used which requires activation of the license code in a specific form on our website before the full version of Liquid Notes is provided. A separate demo with full feature set is provided, too.]

Trial period in Liquid Notes

Liquid Notes comes with a license manager that is part of the installation package. The latter is responsible for handling the different modes that Liquid Notes can be operated in: evaluation mode (trial period), or unlimited mode (full license). Switching between these modes is seamless, and takes place at the level of the license manager.

Consequently, there is no need for us to provide a specific "demo version" of Liquid Notes. Instead, there is only a full version of Liquid Notes for each operating system supported (Mac, Windows) that is equipped with a 20 days free trial period by default. 

If you install Liquid Notes on your machine, you may use our software for 20 days without any limitations in terms of functionality.

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