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How can I uninstall Liquid Notes?

Last Updated: May 13, 2015 05:32PM CEST
This article talks about how to uninstall Liquid Notes from your computer.

Quick answer: Follow the deinstallation procedure for your operating system below.

Uninstalling Liquid Notes

Liquid Notes supports Windows and Mac. The uninstall procedure for these operating systems differs, see below.

Deinstall Liquid Notes on Mac OS X

Please follow these steps to uninstall Liquid Notes on your Mac computer:
  1. To remove the application, delete the file '' or '' from the application folder,
  2. To remove the license manager, delete the directory '/private/nalpeiron/etc' and delete the file '/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.nalpeiron,netpro.plist', and
  3. Restart your Mac.

Note that two fonts have been copied into the directory 'Library/Fonts': OpenSans-Bold.ttf, and OpenSans-Regular.ttf. You may delete those at your convenience, there is no need to.

Also, if you installed Liquid Notes prior to upgrading to OS X Yosemite (10.10) remove the directory '/Library/StartupItems/ProTec6b'. 

Deinstall Liquid Notes on Windows

Please follow these steps to uninstall Liquid Notes on your Windows computer:
  1. Go to 'System settings' and choose 'Software',
  2. Find "Liquid Notes" or "Liquid Notes for Live" and select 'Remove / uninstall',
  3. Find "The Nalpeiron Service" and select 'Remove / uninstall',
  4. Find "LoopBe30" and select 'Remove / uninstall', and
  5. Restart your Computer.

Skip step 4 if you are uninstalling the Max MIDI effect of Liquid Notes named 'Liquid Notes for Live'. No virtual MIDI cable 'LoopBe30' is used with this version of the software.

After the restart your Windows machine will be left without trace of Liquid Notes.

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