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As a result of the harmony analysis I get a lot of short chords. What is the problem?

Last Updated: Dec 03, 2013 04:53PM CET
This article talks about getting may short chords when opening a file in Liquid Notes.

Quick answer: The harmonic analysis of Liquid Notes most probably only found a melody and bass tracks in your arrangement. Select Merge identical chords in settings.

Harmonic Analysis and Settings

Liquid Notes is built on a sophisticated harmonic analysis that is able to read your MIDI arrangement like an expert composer does. The best results are achieved if it is fed with a musically clean setup - if that is not the case, either your arrangement can be adjusted or settings in Liquid Notes changed.

Getting a lot of short chords suggests that:
  1. Only melody and bass tracks were available for the analysis. Identical neighboring chords are usually combined into one chord.
  2. If an analysis is done using melody and bass tracks which have a very vivid tonal course, same chords with different tensions may be detected.
  3. If there is a harmony track, please check whether there are at least three simultaneously playing melody lines in the respective area.

To prevent Liquid Notes from producing a succession of identical chord regions, select Merge identical chords on the second page of the automatic routing wizard.

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