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Does Liquid Notes work with Tracktion?

Last Updated: Jul 03, 2015 09:37AM CEST
This article talks about compatibility of Liquid Notes and Tracktion, and provides information on the steps to be taken when connecting Liquid Notes to Tracktion.

Quick Answer: Liquid Notes connects to any DAW or notation software such as Tracktion. It does so via a virtual MIDI cable that is used for establishing the connection between both applications.

Connecting Liquid Notes to Tracktion

Find instructions below on how to complete the routing setup.

Exporting MIDI in Tracktion, and importing it into Liquid Notes

Before opening a project in Liquid Notes, you need to export your MIDI arrangement in Tracktion. Follow these steps to complete the process:
  1. In Tracktion, select the tracks you want to export and then choose Export → Render to a file .. from the menu.

  2. Once the exporter window is open select MIDI File from the Format drop down.

    Also make sure the checkboxes Only Render Selected Tracks and Render Each Track to a Separate File are selected. Make sure the Pass Through Plugins option is disabled or the existing synths are likely to block out-going MIDI (unless they have MIDI modifier plugins in use).

Tracktion currently doesn’t create multi-track MIDI files so they will be exported separately. You can combine them into a multi-track file again by selecting each file with the mouse, and dragging them all at once onto Liquid Notes where you drop them. Find instructions about this feature by selecting Ableton Live Import from the menu in Liquid Notes.

Upon opening these files in Liquid Notes, select Other as sound output source and follow the instructions presented for creating new projects.

Routing From Liquid Notes to Tracktion

Once the MIDI has been imported into Liquid Notes, routing back into Tracktion is very similar to other hosts. One difference is that in Tracktion you can’t add the same MIDI input device to multiple tracks.

The simplest solution to this is to use a different IAC Bus (on Mac) for each track, or to assign the same using LoopBe 30 (on Windows).

Here is how this looks in Tracktion:

And here the channel numbers need to correlate in Liquid Notes:

Note: Find instructions on setup of an IAC bus in the related article below; LoopBe 30 is installed by default with the Liquid Notes' installation package on Windows.

MIDI Clock synchronization between the applications

To synchronize the two playheads you have to enable the IAC Bus output device to send MIDI clock:

In Liquid Notes, make sure that the checkbox Listen to MIDI clock is set:

That's it, now Liquid Notes and Tracktion are connected and you are able to play through its virtual instruments.

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