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I have upgraded to Mac OS X Yosemite, now Liquid Notes doesn't work anymore.

Last Updated: Oct 13, 2017 06:34PM CEST
This article talks about Liquid Notes presenting a licensing error after you have upgraded your system to Mac OS X Yosemite.

Quick Answer: In Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10) Apple made significant changes to starting of applications, which requires an update of the license manager of Liquid Notes. Find instructions below on how to proceed.

[Update, 13 Oct 2017: A new license management system is used as per today, which renders the Nalpeiron license manager as obsolete. Fill in your customer data in this form for us to provide you with the latest software build -​ ]

Resolving the licensing error in Mac OS X Yosemite

In case you used Liquid Notes on your system before upgrading to Mac OS X Yosemite, you will be greeted by a licensing error after completing the upgrade to OS X 10.10 when launching Liquid Notes:

This is due to Apple having made changes on the system level for starting and handling applications. As a consequence, a newer version of the license manager of Liquid Notes is required to run the software.

Follow the steps hereafter to complete the update process of Liquid Notes after you have upgraded to OS X 10.10.

Install the Java SE 6 Runtime

After you completed the upgrade to OS X 10.10, launch Liquid Notes. This will trigger a warning message that Java SE 6 needs to be installed on your system:

Click on the button "More Info...", which will take you to the download page for the legacy version of Java SE 6, or click on the link hereafter - Follow the instructions there, and complete the setup process for Java SE 6.

You do not need to uninstall any other version of Java you may have installed on your system. Liquid Notes will chose the Java SE 6 Runtime at launch automatically.

Note: Some users have reported Safari showing a blank page when loading this page. Please use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox if such problem happens.

Download and install Liquid Notes

Get the latest version of Liquid Notes from our website - . The versions for Mac have been updated to include the latest version of the license manager which is compatible with Mac OS X 10.10.

When opening the .dmg-file and clicking on the installation file of Liquid Notes it may happen that an error message ".. unidentified developer" is shown:

Click on "OK" to quit the dialog box, right-click on the .mpkg-file and select "Open" from the menu. This will trigger another window with security information - click on "Open" again for the installation to start.

You may be asked for a restart of your system at the end of the installation process. This is required if you had previously installed Liquid Notes on your machine:

Click on "Continue installation" and select "Restart" in the dialog box that is shown at the end of the installation process. 

After the restart of your machine, Liquid Notes is ready for use again.

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