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I'm using ESET Smart Security to protect my system. Is there anything I need to do when installing Liquid Notes?

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2015 07:11PM CET
This article talks about the steps necessary to have Liquid Notes run on your machine when using ESET Smart Security to protect your machine from threats such as viruses, etc.

Quick answer: Disable HIPS in ESET Smart Security to not cause problems with Liquid Notes' license manager. Follow the steps below to do so.

ESET Smart Security not granting sufficient rights

Like many other Internet security software, ESET Smart Security keeps your computer protected from malware and also offers anti-theft protection. It comes with an advanced proactive anti-virus protection, which at installation of Liquid Notes or after may result in it not assigning sufficient rights to the license manager of Liquid Notes.

This may result in two different errors with Liquid Notes: a fresh installation of our software causes an error "The service does not have sufficient privileges. Please reinstall.", and installation of ESET Smart Security after Liquid Notes has been installed returns an error "Wrong computer".

Both are a result of ESET Smart Security blocking part of Liquid Notes components required to run the application.

Disabling HIPS in ESET Smart Security

In order to solve either of the above problems caused by ESET Smart Security, HIPS needs to be disabled in ESET Smart Security. This will allow you to complete authorization / activation of Liquid Notes.

Follow these steps to disable HIPS in ESET Smart Security:
  1. Launch ESET Smart Security, and find the Advanced Settings tab
  2. Expand the computer list
  3. Click on the HIPS Node
  4. On the right box UNTICK the Enable HIPS check box, and click ok to close the dialog
  5. Restart your computer for HIPS to be disabled, and then launch Liquid Notes

Liquid Notes should now run fine with no error, and you can complete activation of the software. Once Liquid Notes is authorized, ESET Smart Security HIPS can be enabled again. Enabling HIPS requires a reboot of your machine. 

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