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I get an error message "The service doesn't have sufficient privileges. Please reinstall.".

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2015 07:11PM CET
This article talks about you receiving an error message "The service doesn't have sufficient privileges. Please reinstall." - on first installation of the software or after an update - when launching the application.

Quick Answer: This error stems from a patch delivered by Microsoft on Windows 7 machines that causes the license manager not to be assigned sufficient rights. Read more below on how to fix this.

Automatic system updates in Windows 7

Like any other operating system from the Windows family, Windows 7 is set by default to check periodically for updates from Microsoft. This is to make sure your system is always running the latest configuration, and that security threats or any other kind of bugs do not lead to vulnerable 'wholes' in your system.

While this is welcome by most users and us, a recent patch by Microsoft for Windows 7 is causing the license manager to be granted insufficient privileges after the patch was installed. This doesn't cause an immediate error of ".. not sufficient privileges", it only surfaces at first installation or an update of Liquid Notes and does apply only to a handful of Windows 7 installations.

Note: This problem may also be caused by anti-virus or Internet security software such as ESET Smart Security. See known issues with the latter in this article -

Fixing the ".. not sufficient privileges" error

Nalpeiron, the developer of the licensing management service used in Liquid Notes, have provided a simple procedure approved by Microsoft to fix this error. It takes 3-5 minutes to complete, and requires little manual work from you.

Follow these steps to remove the ".. not sufficient privileges" error:
  1. Make sure Liquid Notes is not running.
  2. Download all files in this online directory (.. please chose from the below!):

    - Win 7 or 8, 32bit:

    - Win 7 or 8, 64bit:
  3. Unpack the zip file into the Liquid Notes application folder located at "/Users/YOUR_USER/.LiquidNotesAppData".

    (Note: Replace "YOUR_USER" with the name you are logged into your machine. This directory is hidden normally, find instructions on how to show hidden files in this article -
  4. Run the Computer Diagnostics application from there. 
  5. Send us the log file that is being created by the Computer Diagnostics Tool. It should be placed on your desktop.
  6. Download the Service Repair Utility from it to same or another folder, and run the application.
  7. Restart your machine, start Liquid Notes, and check if you still get this error.

This procedure will normally solve the issue reported on your machine. Nalpeiron is adding more features to the repair utility so this gets fixed with less manual input.

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