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Why are there only functions I, IV and V?

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2014 09:41AM CEST
This article talks about the limitation of settings of the function slider to I, IV and V in Liquid Notes.

Quick Answer: In Liquid Notes, all functions are grouped into either tonic, subdominant or dominant categories. These are the "main functions" of German music theory.

Limitation of settings to I, IV and V

When opening a project in Liquid Notes, it performs a harmonic analysis of your MIDI arrangement. It enables the software to detect chords and their respective settings, amongst others. The information retrieved from the harmonic analysis is then shown in the user interface of Liquid Notes, using vertical bars of different length along the timeline that hold the main controls for each chord.

There, the function slider - used to change the function of a chord - only allows you to set it to I, IV or V. This is because in Liquid Notes we group all functions into either the tonic, subdominant, or the dominant category. In German music theory, these are the so-called "main functions" (or: "essential functions").

All degrees of the scale can be categorized into one of those essential functions:
  • I: first, third and sixth degrees
  • IV: fourth and second degrees
  • V: fifth and seventh degrees

You will find the other degrees as substitutions of the "main" degree.

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