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Why is the color of the Chord knob's rim changing when I move it?

Last Updated: Jun 01, 2014 03:21PM CEST
This article talks about the color of a knob's rim changing when turning it.

Quick Answer: The color of a knob's rim indicates how conventional or unconventional the setting for this chord is, with colors ranging from green to red.

Color indications in a knob's rim 

When opening a project or a template, Liquid Notes performs a harmonic analysis of your MIDI arrangement that reads and interprets it like an expert composer does. Thereby, it will detect chord boundaries, correlations between notes, etc. - upon which a matrix of possibilities for chord substitutions is calculated. Depending on where a particular chord lies on this scale, the software can map it into a color coding (from green to red) that represents conventionality of a chord from a listening perspective.

Hence, a green rim indicates that a chord is conventional. Whereas a red rim indicates a very unconventional chord, having reached the other end of the scale. Similar to a traffic light the color code of the rim moves from green over orange to red.

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