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I can't figure out how to connect Liquid Notes for Live to Ableton Live.

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2015 10:11PM CET
This article talks about not being able to connect Liquid Notes for Live to Ableton Live, and identifies different areas from which problems can result in setting up the application.

Quick Answer: Follow the checklist below to make sure Liquid Notes for Live is able to establish the connection to Live.

Can't connect Liquid Notes for Live to Ableton Live

Liquid Notes for Live is a Max MIDI effect for Ableton Live 9, which behaves like a plug-in. It requires Max for Live 6.1 installed on your machine and fully operational to be able to run it. Open Sound Protocol (OSC), a protocol for networking sound synthesizers, computers and other multimedia devices, is used for messaging between the applications.

The communication between both applications is established automatically if the Liquid Notes Max MIDI devices have been assigned correctly in the default Ableton Live user library folder. However, you may get an error message "Cannot connect to Live .." when pressing on the button 'Get Clips'.

Find below a checklist of items which may cause this behavior.


Checklist for setting up Liquid Notes for Live:

This is a checklist of items which you should run through if you cannot establish the connection between Liquid Notes for Live and Ableton Live.

It is recommended that you run the checklist in the sequence presented hereafter:
  1. Check the version number of Ableton Live. Only version Ableton Live 9 and upwards are supported, no downward compatibility is included. Also, no beta versions are supported.
  2. Liquid Notes for Live requires Max for Live. It is part of the Ableton Live 9 Suite, but you need to buy it separately (and install it) when having opted for the Ableton Live 9 Standard package.
  3. Check the settings for user presets and user library in Live. If you altered these preferences in the past, patches, synths and effects cannot be found by Live. Find information on these in this article -

    (Note: If you did change the default path of the user library to a custom location you have to manually add the Liquid Notes for Live Max MIDI effects to it. See instructions at
  4. Make sure that neither the Max for Live standalone application is running nor you are editing the Liquid Notes for Live' Max MIDI effects.

    (Note: You enter editing mode of a MIDI effect by clicking on the edit button in the device's window.) 
  5. Check that anti-virus or Internet security software, in particular any firewall that may come with it, doesn't block the IP addresses or ports used for OSC communication between the applications (Note: If you use any of these programs and are unsure where to find the information, reach out to us!).  
  6. Ensure that you created an empty MIDI track in your Ableton Live set, and assigned the device 'LN_Bridge_Global.amxd' to it.

    Also, make sure that on each track you want to manipulate with Liquid Notes for Live the device 'LN_Bridge_Track.amxd' is assigned.

  7. When selecting a scene first check that it contains notes in the arrangement view - without notes, Liquid Notes for Live will report an error ".. cannot connect to Live" as the MIDI devices do not deliver any output.
  8. Make sure that the Scene containing all clips you want to work on is selected in Live before import.

This list is comprehensive and holds all issues being known to us at present. If after running through this checklist you still cannot connect to Live, please reach out to us!

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