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What is the function of the ReCalc button?

Last Updated: Feb 27, 2015 10:22AM CET
This article talks about the function of the ReCalc button in Liquid Notes.

Quick answer: Clicking on the ReCalc button causes a reharmonization for the particular chord area.

ReCalc button in Liquid Notes

Liquid Notes is equipped with a ReCalc-button for each chord. Clicking the recalculation button causes a reharmonization of that particular area if the harmonic analysis didn't deliver satisfactory results; i.e. it recalculates the area in order to make the melody fit optimally within the context of the surrounding chords and scales.

Here is where to find the ReCalc-button in Liquid Notes:

Note: Click on this button whenever you feel that the results of the harmonic analysis of Liquid Notes when opening a project did not correctly identify chords and melody. You may also want to click the ReCalc-button if you have made a change to the ReHarmonize Settings and want to reharmonize particular chord areas -

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