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How do I enable MIDI clock sync with the DAW?

Last Updated: Dec 16, 2013 10:44PM CET
This article provides information about the synchronization of recording and playback between Liquid Notes and your DAW.

Quick answer: Enable the setting Listen to MIDI clock in Liquid Notes, and activate the "Sync"-switch in your sequencer's MIDI/sync preferences.

MIDI clock sync in Liquid Notes

Liquid Notes comes with a MIDI clock sync feature that allows it to synchronize recording and playback with your sequencer or notation software. It enables both applications to run fully in sync, i.e. both react to your command for play, pause/stop, and recording from within each application.

For this feature to operate MIDI clock sync needs to be enabled in both applications. Check with the manufacturer of your DAW or notation software how to enable it, mostly it is activated via the "Synch"-switch in MIDI/sync preferences; however, it may be called different.

In Liquid Notes, enable the setting Listen to MIDI clock:

If this setting is enabled, Liquid Notes will listen to MIDI clock information on any MIDI port.

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