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Is there a possibility to show all chords available for substitution in Liquid Notes?

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2015 10:34PM CET
This article provides information about displaying all possible chords available for substitution in Liquid Notes.

Quick answer: Yes, a drop-down list with all available chords is available on the upper end of each chord area.

Showing all available chords

Liquid Notes comes with a drop-down list that displays all chords available for substitution. This list is accessible by clicking on the downwards pointing arrow next to the chord symbol at the upper end of each chord area.

See an example of such a list here:

It helps you make changes to the 'settings' of your arrangement much faster and easier, and also helps you understand the underlying harmonic theory better.

The number of chords presented may be limited via the setting Limit available chords in Liquid Notes. Read this article for more information on it -

Note that this list is built up dynamically: the harmonic analysis of Liquid Notes reads your MIDI arrangement like an expert composer does, and detects the correlations between chords, melody, instruments, etc. therein. Whenever you make a change to a chord, the available chords for the following chord may change as different options are possible now in the harmonic context for the particular chord.

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