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Setting up the IAC bus on a Mac

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2016 09:48AM CET
This article talks about setting up the IAC bus on a Mac, which is used to establish the connection between Liquid Notes and a DAW or notation software.

Quick Answer: Go to Audio MIDI Setup and in Window > Show MIDI Studio add an IAC bus. Check the naming as illustrated in the picture below.

How to set up the IAC bus

The IAC bus is a virtual MIDI cable used for routing of MIDI data on a system level between Liquid Notes and your DAW. This type of bus is unique to Mac OS, it does not exist on Windows machines.

Follow these steps to set up an IAC bus on your Mac:
  1. Go to Spotlight and search for "Audio MIDI Setup".
  2. Select Window > Show MIDI Studio from the menu bar.
  3. In the new window that opens, double-click on IAC Driver to open the settings for this driver. 
  4. Look for the field Ports at the bottom left of that window. There, add an IAC bus by clicking on the "+"-symbol to the left below that field. 

    (Note: Sometimes the IAC bus is named different as a result of a non-English version being used on your Mac - please make sure to use the exact word "IAC Bus", as indicated in the illustration below, if you have to rename it!)

  5. Mark the checkbox for "Device is online" to set the IAC bus to on.
  6. Close the "Audio MIDI Setup" and relaunch Liquid Notes.

After you have completed these steps Liquid Notes will be able to detect the IAC bus for routing to your DAW.

We have also provided a video that shows you these steps one by one -

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