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Liquid Notes cannot find the IAC bus.

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2015 11:32PM CEST
This article talks about Liquid Notes not finding the IAC bus on your Mac.

Quick Answer: Make sure an entry "IAC Bus" exists in section Ports of the Audio MIDI Setup of your Mac.

IAC bus not detected

It may happen that after installing Liquid Notes, the program cannot find the IAC bus and keeps on asking you repetitively to reinstall the IAC bus. Not being able to detect the IAC bus is caused by parameters related to the operating system language selected / installed with your Mac, which may change the default name of the IAC bus into something else.

Please follow these steps to fix the problem:
  1. Go to Spotlight and search for "Audio MIDI Setup".
  2. Select Window > Show MIDI Studio from the menu bar.
  3. Double-click on IAC Driver to open the settings for this driver. 
  4. Look for the field Ports at the bottom left of that window. There, double-click on the first entry that contains "IAC" and correct that entry to "IAC Bus".

  5. Close the "Audio MIDI Setup" and relaunch Liquid Notes.

Liquid Notes will now be able to detect the IAC bus correctly! You may want to run steps 1-2 again to check if the renaming was saved by the operating system, as some users reported this only being done correctly after having run the procedure twice.

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