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Liquid Notes doesn't start after installation on Mac OS X.

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2015 10:48PM CET
This article talks about Liquid Notes not starting after the installation is completed on Mac OS X, instead an error message related to Java is shown.

Quick Answer: This is a problem with outdated Java components on your Mac. Find more information below on how to fix this.

Liquid Notes not starting after installation

Several users have reported issues with Liquid Notes not starting after an installation, which all point to outdated Java components in Mac OS X. Two different error messages may be presented to you, both relating to a different problem with Java on your machine.

See below for more information.

Unable to load Java Runtime Environment

After installing Liquid Notes on your Mac OS X machine an error message "Unable to load Java Runtime Environment" appears. This points to either not having Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your machine, or an outdated version of it.

Please go to the Java website to download the latest update for your machine, install it and restart your computer afterwards -

Attention (Jan 2015): At the moment Liquid Notes does not support Java 8. Work is being done to fix this, read more in this article -​.


Cannot launch Java application

After installing Liquid Notes on your Mac OS X machine an error message "Cannot launch Java application" appears. This points to a problem with outdated Java components on your machine.

Please follow these steps, as they might solve the problem *:
  1. Open the folder /Library/Java/Extensions/ in Finder by using the shortcut "cmd+shift+g".
  2. Remove the files mmj.jar and libmmj.jnilib from this folder. Either delete it or move it to another folder to be able to undo this action if you face problems with other programs due to these changes. However, this is quite improbable since these libraries require a 32-Bit Java-Version and your Java is supposed to be up to date.
  3. Try to run Liquid Notes again.

*: There have been very few occasions where executing the above steps did not solve this problem. If that is the case, contact our customer support.

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