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Why does my web browser show a "malicious file warning" when downloading Liquid Notes?

Last Updated: Dec 04, 2013 12:09PM CET
This article talks about a malicious warning being displayed in your web browser when downloading Liquid Notes.

Quick answer: Check if the download URL starts with to make sure you downloaded from the correct domain.

Malicious file warning in modern web browsers

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have recently upgraded their security features to prevent users from downloading malicious files hosted on websites. If a file you download is known to be bad, or appears to be so, a warning 'This file appears malicious' is displayed - see hereafter an example for Google Chrome:

Google Chrome malicious file warning
As this feature has only been launched recently by Google and Mozilla it is not perfect yet: detection of malicious file downloads does go wrong quite frequently. Thus, this warning might show if you download Liquid Notes.

Recovering from the malicious file warning

Should you run into this problem, find herewith instructions on how to solve this situation:
  1. Check the address bar of your web browser for the URL you have downloaded the file from. It must start with, if not you have been redirected to another site.
  2. If #1 shows the file download is from our website, select Hurt me plenty in the warning dialog box (Google Chrome) or click on the right-hand side of the warning message box on the arrow pointing downwards and select "Keep it" (Mozilla Firefox).
This will save the file to your disk and you may now start the installation of Liquid Notes.

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