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By substituting the same chord twice I get different results.

Last Updated: Dec 03, 2013 04:49PM CET
This article talks about obtaining different results when substituting the same chord.

Quick answer: Liquid Notes allows to obtain different results when substituting the same chord. Double-click the chord substitution controller to reharmonize that chord again.

Chord substitution logic in Liquid Notes

Liquid Notes is built on a chord substitution logic that - similar to the human brain - allows for a different end result when executing a task. Applied to music and the theory of harmony, there are often several ways to adapt to a chord or scale change - this is especially true for a melody: whether you wish to correct a note one semitone up or down, is not known to Liquid Notes.

In this case, Liquid Notes offers different possibilities. Usually, the most probable possibility is suggested first. Therefore, if you get an unsatisfying result, simply double-click on the controller of that chord area and you will be offered a different solution.

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