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How can I run the Computer Diagnostics tool?

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2016 08:50PM CET
This article talks about running the Computer Diagnostics tool for analysis of correct installation of the Nalpeiron license management service.

Quick answer: Follow the steps mentioned in the article below.

Running the Computer Diagnostics Tool

Some people have reported an error with the installation of the license manager on their machine, which leads to a malfunction of Liquid Notes or some obviously wrong error messages being displayed.

This problem is rare. It has been seen comparatively much more often on Windows machines due to a problematic patch being delivered by Microsoft for the Windows operating system.

Note: The Computer Diagnostics tool will remedy the most common errors as part of a faulty installation, and also create a log file that contains information on your system with regard to the installation of the license manager. This includes the user name assigned to your machine, names of directories, etc. We have no interest to make use of this information other than using it for the purpose of our analysis, which may include having to share it with a third party: Nalpeiron Inc., supplier of the license management system.

Steps to complete on Windows

In order to run the Computer Diagnostics Tool on Windows, complete the steps below and send the log file for analysis to us.
  1. Make sure that Liquid Notes is not running
  2. Download the Computer Diagnostics tool from this directory (.. check in Settings > System if your machine is 32 bit or 64 bit)

    - Win (32 bit):

    - Win (64 bit):
  3. Unzip the downloaded file into a separate folder, and enter this folder to locate the .exe-file for the Computer Diagnostics Tool
  4. Double-click on the .exe-file to launch the Computer Diagnostics Tool
  5. Forward the log file which has been created on your desktop to us
  6. Go to and follow the instructions on the page
  7. Restart your machine, launch Liquid Notes and check if the license manager still generates any error messages  

Steps to complete on Mac OS X

In order to run the Computer Diagnostics Tool on Mac OS X or macOS, complete the steps below and send the log file for analysis to us.
  1. Complete repair permissions by using the Mac Disk Repair Utility -
  2. Download this Computer Diagnostics Tool from our website -
  3. Unpack the files into a new folder
  4. Launch the Computer Diagnostics Tool which is in that folder
  5. Send us the log file that is being created on your desktop
  6. Restart your machine, then launch Liquid Notes again and check the fields "Status" and "Installation ID" in the license manager

In most cases, running the Computer Diagnostics tool corrects a number of issues stemming from a problem during the installation process. If that is not the case, the log file enables us to identify what is wrong and provide steps on how to fix it.

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