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I get an error message "No chord track found in the arrangement" when opening a project.

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2015 07:04PM CET
This article talks about a warning "No chord track found in the arrangement" that may show when opening a project.

Quick Answer: This is most probably related to you trying to open a project that does not contain a clearly detectable set of chord-like notes in your MIDI arrangement.

No chord track found in the arrangement

When opening a project in Liquid Notes a harmonic analysis is performed. It enables the software to understand correlations between notes from a harmonic perspective over your entire arrangement, identifies chords, etc., which is then used for reharmonization.

The harmonic analysis is preceded by a track type analysis. In Liquid Notes, tracks are classified as either being a melody, chord, bass, or percussion track. You see the results of this classification when loading a new project. If there is no chord track present, or you manually reassign the track types in a way that there is no chord track left, you will be shown the above mentioned warning message.

An important foundation for the harmonic analysis of Liquid Notes is the presence of a designated chord track in your arrangement. By chord track, we mean a distinct track in your arrangement that contains chord notes only. Ideally each chord note would be as long as the duration of the chord it belongs to. The chord track doesn't need to be audible - you can mute it in your sequencer. As long as the chord track is present in the MIDI file, Liquid Notes can analyze it, and generate a accurate harmonic analysis.

Creating a 'clean' arrangement for the harmonic analysis

Liquid Notes' harmonic analysis expects a 'clean' arrangement to provide the best results. Should the track type analysis not have been able to identify a designated chord track, do one of the following described hereafter.

Set one track to "Chords"

In the Track Type Analysis window, select "Chords" for at least one of the tracks. If this is not already preselected for at least one track, you may either get an inaccurate harmonic analysis, or maybe even an error that absolutely no harmonic information could be extracted from your arrangement.

To get better results (or get a project that loads properly), please follow the instructions for adding a chord track to your arrangement.

Add a chord track to your arrangement

In order to get the best results from Liquid Notes' harmonic analysis, add a distinct chord track to your arrangement.

Follow these steps to do this:
  1. Load your arrangement in your sequencer
  2. Add a new MIDI track (Note: You can mute the MIDI track if you don't want to add anything audible to your music)
  3. Add MIDI regions in the areas of your arrangement you want to edit with Liquid Notes
  4. In those regions, add chord notes, which are ideally as long as the whole chord they belong to
  5. Include the new MIDI regions when you export your arrangement as MIDI, and load it into Liquid Notes
  6. When you load the file into Liquid Notes, select "Chords" for the new track in the track type analysis page of the setup wizard (if it is not selected already) 

Now, your arrangement will load without the "No chord track found in the arrangement" warning message, and the harmonic analysis will also be more accurate.

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