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I get an error message "An unknown error has occurred" in the license manager on Mac OS X.

Last Updated: Oct 13, 2017 06:27PM CEST
This article talks about Liquid Notes asking you for an activation key with no demo option. In the license manager an error message "An unknown error has occurred" is shown on Mac OS X.

Quick Answer: The Nalpeiron deamon is not running because of insufficient privileges assigned. Run the Repair Permissions function in Disk Utility to fix this.

[Update, 13 Oct 2017: A new license management system is used as per today, which renders the Nalpeiron license manager as obsolete. Fill in your customer data in this form for us to provide you with the latest software build -​ ]

Ownership and permissions on Mac OS X

Liquid Notes is equipped with a license manager - provided by Nalpeiron, a hosted license management solutions provider - that controls trial period, activation requests and activations, and others. It's a simple solution that allows us to focus our work on the music intelligence of Liquid Notes.

The license manager is part of the installation package of Liquid Notes, and will be installed silently on Mac. It is essential that the license manager is being granted full access rights in the directory it is placed: "/Library/StartupItems/ProTec6" files or directories.
This is normally the case at installation, however it may happen that a security feature of Mac OS X prevents that and consequently the operating system will refuse to start any items located in that folder.

In such a case, when you start Liquid Notes a dialog box is shown that asks you for an activation key of Liquid Notes rather than giving you the possibility to demo the product. When opening the license manager - either from the menu (HelpLaunch license manager ..), or via Finder - you may see an "unknown error" in field 'Status' when clicking on the tab 'Import Certificate':

This is confirmation that the Nalpeiron daemon is not running.

Fixing the "unknown error" problem

This problem can be fixed easily via the repair permissions function in Disk Utility on Mac OS X.

Follow these steps to eliminate the problem:
  1. On your Mac, open Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility.
  2. There, select your partition and, on tab 'First Aid', run 'Repair Disk Permissions'.

That's it! After a reboot of your machine, the Nalpeiron daemon should have started automatically and Liquid Notes should now behave as expected.

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