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I find the GUI overwhelming. What's the scoop with all these "channel strips"?

Last Updated: Jun 10, 2014 10:34PM CEST
This article talks about the user interface of Liquid Notes and the rectangular, vertical areas therein.

Quick Answer: In Liquid Notes chords are presented as vertical bars. Each chord may vary in length on the timeline and comes with the same set of control elements for making adjustments to chords, tension and function.

Display of chords in Liquid Notes

Liquid Notes comes with a simple, clean user interface that follows the classic left-right pattern for design / layout of the work area established by DAW manufacturers. Instead of an arrangement view for your audio/MIDI tracks, the area is used to display chords and their respective control elements prominently.

Each vertical bar corresponds to one chord, and may vary in length on the timeline to represent the space a chord takes up on it. There are three distinct control elements for making changes to a chord, namely two rotary knobs for Chords and Tension, and a slider for Function. On top of it are two buttons Reset and ReCalc, a color bar and the chord symbol.

When opening a project Liquid Notes will perform a harmonic analysis of your MIDI arrangement and lay out the chords in succession from left to right in the user interface. For more familiarity with a DAW you can access the piano roll on top of the program window, which gives you a direct view on the MIDI events contained in your song.

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