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After installation of Liquid Notes there are missing fonts all over the user interface. What can I do?

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2015 10:30PM CET
This article talks about missing fonts in the user interface of Liquid Notes, making for some tiles with symbols "A" to appear rather than text.

Quick answer: Some standard fonts may have been disabled or deleted on your system, and need to be re-enabled or re-installed again.

Missing fonts and Liquid Notes

Liquid Notes, just like any other software, makes use of standard fonts, such as Arial and Verdana, installed on your operating system. Should any of those fonts not be available or be disabled, Liquid Notes cannot present the text and tiles with symbols will be shown instead.

Here is how this may look like:

There have been a few reports by users on the web that an update of the operating system has caused fonts to become disabled or deleted.

Missing fonts in Mac OS X

Mac OS X has an application named Font Book included since version 10.7 ('Lion'). This application allows you to easily manage fonts on your Mac.

To re-enable fonts on Mac using Font Book, proceed as follows:
  1. Open Spotlight and search for Font Book, open it. You can also find it in Launchpad or the Applications Folder.
  2. Find a font that has been disabled, right-click it and select Enable 'font name' Family.

  3. Repeat this for any other fonts that may have been disabled.

After you have enabled the fonts again, you may have to restart your machine for the changes to take place.

Missing fonts in Windows

The different versions of Microsoft Windows behave similar when it comes to installing or removing fonts, yet don't offer an application as Font Book on Mac to complete this job.

Here is an article on Microsoft's support forum on 'How to install or remove a font in Windows' -

​Please follow the steps therein to re-enable or re-install missing fonts!

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