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The installation ID changes with each reboot of my machine. Why is that happening?

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2015 10:36PM CET
This article provides information on the installation ID reported by the license manager of Liquid Notes, and why it may change on a reboot of your machine.

Quick answer: The installation may change if the MAC address of your computer changes. See more details below.

License Manager and Installation ID

Liquid Notes is equipped with a license manager provided by Nalpeiron. The license manager handles trial period, activation, deactivation and transfer of a license code. It is part of the installation package of Liquid Notes, and will be installed when running the Liquid Notes installer on your machine.

The license manager requires a unique ID tied to your computer to handle the above correctly: ​Nalpeiron uses your computer's MAC address in compiling an Installation ID and Computer ID, both of which are used by their license manager.

The Installation ID normally only changes if you activate a license of Liquid Notes on your machine. Everything else is deemed abnormal, and points to an issue being present.

Read this article to retrieve the Installation ID on your system -

Installation ID changes on reboot

Some users have reported the Installation ID to change with each reboot of their computer. This happens when your machine uses more than one network interface (with the order of the first detected device changing), or you change the network interface of your computer. In both cases the MAC address of your computer changes, causing the license manager to report an error.

The same error may be reported if you use virtual network interfaces, such as Juniper Network Connect Virtual Adapter. The latter is often used with virtual interfaces - e.g. bluetooth, VPN - and likes to change MAC address on reboot of your machine.

Nalpeiron's license manager looks for the first detected network interface, and will remember it. If it changes in reboot, it reports an error - a simple configuration change in your hardware settings will mostly do the job. Also contact our customer support to reset your installation in the database!

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